Nyla Newman has been teaching Pilates for 22 years and yoga for 20. It has been a lifelong love of the body and it's potential. She was born with a joy of movement in her heart and as a toddler enjoyed swirling about dancing with anyone that would join her. At age 3, she began formal dance training and was introduced to the world of yoga with Renee Taylor, an amazing yogini who was one of the first to bring yoga to the West after living in Nepal. Trained in several dance styles, she attended Chapman University on a dance scholarship, graduated with departmental honors and was a soloist with the Nannette Brodie Dance Theater. When a car accident ended her dance career, she discovered Pilates as a form of rehabilitation and began her inquiry into the body’s ability to heal and achieve its full potential. After years of teaching dance and aerobics, she then trained and was certified in all levels of Pilates with Rael Isacowitz. She had the blessing of receiving first generation instruction from Elders Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, and Ramona Kryzanowska along with extensive training from second generation greats Elizabeth Larkam, Brent Anderson, Michele Larsson and more.

Nyla is a certified yoga instructor and trained in 5 styles, (Dru, Viniyoga, Hatha Vinyasa (power yoga), Classical Hatha/Ashtanga and restorative styles). She has studied with Pattahbi Jois, Ganga White, Judith Lasater, Ramakrishna Ananda, and in India with TKV Desikachar, and Italy with Chandra Cuffaro.

She owned and operated a Pilates and yoga studio in Colorado Springs where she specialized in personalized rehabilitative programs until another car accident in 2002. Nyla has instructed national teacher trainings, large group workshops and created a yoga program for the US Olympic downhill ski team. Her varied background includes being certified for Thai Massage, The Rossiter System, a GZ Sobel’s Parkinson’s Network instructor and trained in TRX/RIP, and Metamorphosis reflexology. Informing her work includes training with Eric Franklin, Liz Koch, Ida Thomas, and in Somatics, Yamuna Body Rolling, and more.


Nyla’s approach integrates this spectrum of training disciplines to broaden her effectiveness in designing your program in corrective exercise and therapeutic movement. Nyla also offers group classes and individualized privates in Pilates and yoga, and sessions in Rossiter System and Metamorphosis. She is program director at Performax Pilates for Performax Physical Therapy.

From the serious athlete looking to improve their game, to the couch potato, to the client with limited mobility or specific rehabilitative needs- Nyla would like to help you in your journey to optimum health and function.

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