The Pilates Method is based on the work of Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967). Joseph Pilates wanted people to have mental and physical harmony. He wanted them to be able to correct imbalance and weakness and develop ease and economy of movement. The Pilates Method helps regain muscle efficiency and symmetry and to develop awareness of instigating form the “core” and maintaining alignment. Its effectiveness in correcting faulty movement patterns and biomechanical compensations that have occurred from injuries is part of what makes this approach stand out. Pilates has concentration, control, centering, precision, fluid movement, and breathing as its framework. This technique emphasizes the quality and not the quantity. Muscle groups are isolated to receive optimum effect: biomechanical efficiency and economy of effort. You will access subtle muscle groups that are often ignored in traditional gym exercises.

There are two major elements to the Pilates method:

Mat work- a sequence of floor exercises requiring no equipment but often enhanced with small props
Apparatus work- equipment exercises traditionally done in private sessions tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Joseph did not believe in pushing the body to repeat the same motions over and over again. However, a variety of exercises target the same muscles in a different way. Movements are generally not aerobic- especially in the beginning. By staying aware, you will learn to isolate or recruit muscles according to your need. The mat and equipment exercises develop both strength and flexibility bringing a balance to the body that helps prevent injury and retain wellbeing. Joseph created hundreds of exercises that can be modified to suit various body types and abilities.



“Nyla accommodates all students’ needs.” Ken K.

“Pilates is making me stronger…it is improving my balance, flexibility, and range of motion.” Geri H.

“In my 40’s I became injury prone and was spending more time recovering than working out. After only two Pilates sessions with Nyla, I was getting positive results and starting to feel better. After several more sessions, my coordination and range of motion increased dramatically…Pilates strengthened my center…My chronic low back, hip, and neck pain are gone and I am back to enjoying my activities. My golf game has become more consistent and I’ve shaved off eight strokes. I am also training for a mountain bike race…” Randy J.