...using my body and sole so you can heal your body and soul! Nyla


Rossiter System Workouts are built on recognizing that PAIN IS INFORMATION and that having a pain free, mobile body depends wholly on having enough internal space to function properly. The body’s system of “space” is the connective tissue (CT). When CT is healthy, it is naturally loose. When you have appropriate looseness or “space," your body has the ability to communicate with itself in the form of circulation of blood, nerve conduction and ease of movement.

Stress, immobility, and pain occur when connective tissue gets tight, shortened, thickened, hard. This can happen with injury, over use, misuse, non use and age. Often it is a combination of these factors. When we ignore increasing immobility and/or pain in our body, it often gets worse until we are forced to do something about it.

A few Rossiter System techniques can immediately restore the looseness and flexibility to your connective tissue – back to where it should be. The pain and joint stiffness disappear and you can go back to feeling and moving better – quickly.


Richard Rossiter developed Rossiter System Workouts over 30 years ago as part of his personal journey out of pain. A former Army and commercial helicopter pilot, he endured severe shoulder pain for years after being shot down in 1970 in Vietnam. A form of bodywork called Rolfing (deep, connective tissue massage) helped him recover the use of his shoulders, but when he became a Rolfer himself, the physical demands of kneading and pushing other peoples’ tissue compromised his shoulders again. He used his knowledge of connective tissue to create The Rossiter System. The techniques were developed with the help of a neurologist.


““Thank you for making my leg feel so much better. I think what you did was amazing! I can walk without pain or limping. I really appreciate this work.” Ragina G.
"This has helped me more than anything else I've tried." Jane S.


Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Rossiter