To meet the challenges facing humanity today, each one of us must discover the inherent “balanced self” as well as, the balance of all life. We can strive to develop the ability to see clearly, have a quiet mind, a balanced body, and to awaken love, compassion, and awareness…


Yoga is dedicated to this transformation. Hatha means sun/moon symbolizing a balance of opposites. Yoga means to unite. Hatha Yoga is an ancient holistic discipline practiced for thousands of years in India. The postures (physical poses) are aimed at perfecting health in the body, relaxing the mind and allowing the spirit to achieve peace. Today, yoga enables us to leave the stress of modern life behind and practice being present to the perfection of the moment.

Inner Foundations utilizes asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises/awareness), mindfulness, deep relaxation and meditation with Nyla drawing from training in Dru, Viniyoga, Hatha Vinyasa (power yoga), Classical Hatha and restorative styles



“I am asthmatic. Yoga has improved my lung capacity by 150%” Barbara M.

“I have been taking yoga for six years and started taking private instruction with Nyla a year ago. I found her instruction to be superior in every way to any other yoga instructor I have studied under.” John M.

“Nyla’s classes are fun and joyous. Each class is unique and different. “ Deb K

“My practice helps me to focus mentally and spiritually and creates a welcome, peaceful oasis in a busy life.” Sally H.